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DISPERMAT® SL-B Horizontal Bead Mill
The new DISPERMAT® SL-B horizontal bead mill is based on the proven SL bead mill technology. It is designed with an integrated millbase circulation system which means there are no external pumps to clean. The speed is infinitely adjustable via a controller located in a separate stainless steel housing. There is a clear digital display showing speed, torque and timer functions; the product temperature is shown on the temperature gauge located on the milling chamber. Milling beads 0.8 mm and larger. The is pumped through the horizontal milling chamber by a specially designed screw pump which is connected to the milling rotor. The DISPERMAT® SL-B can be used for both the single pass milling method and for the circulation milling method. With either method, an extremely high product yield is achieved due to any mill base remaining inside the milling chamber at the end of the process being pressed out by an integrated press out device. That is why the DISPERMAT® SL-B bead mill is ideally suited to research, development and quality management requirements. An explosion proof ATEX approved version is also available.
DISPERMAT® SL-B Horizontal Bead Mill
Product Volume Litre 0.15 - 0.75
Procedure Continuous (Passage/Circulation)
Power kW 1.1
Control Panel LC
Explosion Proofness Optional
Milling beads size mm From 0.8