Quality Testing Instruments
The nano bead mill DISPERMAT® SL-Nano is a closed, horizontally operating nano bead mill with a high power input and extremely low clearance volume for circulation and pass procedure. The nano bead mill can be used for wet grinding in laboratory, techniques and the production.
Distinguishing marks of the Nano Bead Mill:
  • High grinding stock production due to pneumatic press out system
  • Extremely small milling beads from 0.1 - 0.3 mm
  • C-control with extensive process control
  • Data interface for documentation and analysis
  • Excellently suitable for research, development and quality assurance
  • Compact design and very easy to clean
  • High repeatability of the dispersions
  • Scale up: easy transmission from laboratory results to production scale
  • Modular design: a modification to larger beads is possible at any time
Product Volume Litre 0.05 - 50
Procedure Continuous (Passage/Circulation)
Power kW 1.1 - 4
Control Panel C, M, C-EX, M-EX
Explosion Proofness Optional
Milling beads size mm From 0.1