Quality Testing Instruments
Powerful dissolver up to 7.5 kW with extensive process control.
Repeatable Dispersion in laboratory, pilot plant and production.
The popular and innovative DISPERMAT® AE dissolvers for laboratory, pilot plant and production are now available with a motor power up to 7.5 kW. The operator has easy access to all of the machine controls from the control panel mounted conveniently on the machine stand. The electric height adjustment as well as the control panel provides access to the complete control dispersion processes. Due to its process control the DISPERMAT provides information about dispersion and milling processes. Process parameters as well as the recorded data can be stored and used again with the software WINDISP 7©.
DISPERMAT® pilot plant and production dissolvers with motors of 3 kW and larger are now equipped with one of the ergonomical stands of the BK-series. These functional and robust stands are equipped with an integrated safety device and a high-quality, wear-resistant linear guides for electric height adjustment. The stands are available in a table and a floor version. The central clamping system is height adjustable and allows the application of the versatile adaptable accessories.