Quality Testing Instruments
Vaccum Dissolver DISPERMAT®
Dispersion under vacuum with the adaptable CDS and CHS vacuum systems as well as with DISPERMAT® VE and DISPERMAT® VL vacuum dissolvers.
Vaccum Dispersion system CDS Vaccum Dissolver DISPERMAT® VE Vaccum Dissolver DISPERMAT® VL Vaccum Dispersion system CHS
Product Volume Litre 0.2 - 20 0.1 - 7 0.3 - 40 5 - 50
Speed rpm Depending on the DISPERMAT® 0 - 6000 0 - 6000 Depending on the DISPERMAT®
Power kW 2.2 2.2 - 4
Control Panel C, C-EX, M-EX C, C-EX, M-EX
Height Adjustment Electrical Electrical
Explosion Proofness Optional Optional
Container Type Adaptable vaccum dispersion system with a single or double wall container holder Dispersion under vaccum with various containers in a vaccum box Dispersion under vaccum with double walled vaccum containers Adaptable CHS vaccum dispersion system with movable vaccum unit for thin-walled and disposeable containers
The CDS dispersion system enables the dispersion process to be carried out in single walled containers in a closed system under vacuum. The single walled containers are placed into the container receptacle and secured in place. If the dispersion process needs to be cooled a double walled container receptacle is available. After the liquid and powder components have been added, the glass cover can be lowered onto the container receptacle over the vacuum shaft guide tube. The actual dispersion process can now be run and the product is set into a turbulence free rolling motion. If vacuum is required the vacuum pump can be switched on. The impeller height can be easily be raised or lowered during the dispersion process even under vacuum. The dispersion process can be observed clearly through the large glass cover. All CDS systems are available single or double walled (temperature controlled).

With a powerful DISPERMAT® pilot plant dissolver in combination with the adaptable CHS vacuum system high viscosity products can be processed directly in thin-walled or disposeable containers up to 60 litre. The container is simply placed into the movable vacuum unit which means subsequent transfer of the dispersed product from one container to another is not necessary, eliminating the need for cleaning.

The DISPERMAT® VE is a special dissolver for laboratory use as well as for dispersing larger product quantities. This DISPERMAT® VE is unique due to the fact that vacuum operation can be executed with any container, not necessarily with a vacuum container. The product containers can be single or double walled, it is also possible to use thin‒walled disposable containers. The height of the milling tool can be adjusted also during the dispersion process. The DISPERMAT® VE is also available in an explosion proof version according to ATEX.

The DISPERMAT® VL is a vacuum dissolver for laboratory and pilot plant operation. It is ideal for R&D work as well as for production of larger batches. The DISPERMAT® VL is very easy to use. The stand has an electric height adjustment; the vacuum container is securely mounted on the base plate by a quick release fixture. The height of the milling tool can be adjusted also during the dispersion process. The DISPERMAT® VL is also available in an explosion‒proof version according to ATEX. The single and double wall temperature controlled vacuum containers are made of stainless steel. A viewing glass, lamp, vacuum connection, filling opening and exhaust are all located in the stainless steel vacumm cover. The DISPERMAT® VL is also available with an optional scraper system.